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Registering with the Practice

Can I register with the practice?

Can I register with the Practice?

Patients living within the Practice area are welcome to register and our reception staff can confirm your eligibility from your postcode. In this respect please bring along proof of address such as a recent utility bill.  The Practice area is shown below.

Visitors from the UK

If you are visiting from elsewhere in the UK and need to see a doctor, we can register you as a temporary resident.


If you are a student living temporarily in the practice area and need to see a doctor, we can register you as a temporary resident.



How to register as a patient

How to register as a patient

For full registration, you will need the following information:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Current address
  • Details of your previous doctor
  • NHS number, if you have been previously registered with the NHS in the UK.  You can find this on your medical card or by contacting your previous doctor

You will also need proof of identification and proof the you live within the practice area.  Suitable documents are listed below.

Proof of identification Proof of address
  • National Passport or ID card showing your personal details
  • Photo-bearing driving licence
  • Recent personal bank statement showing your address
  • Recent utility bill showing the address
  • Tenancy agreement for your current address
  • Mortgage statement relating to your current address
  • Current council tax bill showing your address
  • Recent correspondence addressed to you from a government body.

If you are from a country outside the United Kingdom, or returning from living overseas, you will also be asked how long you will be resident, and the purpose of residency. Depending upon the answers given further documents may be requested.
Please bring the following to reception during regular opening hours:
 (1) your completed registration pack
 (3) your proof of ID
 (4) your proof of address

If your registration is not urgent, we kindly request that you avoid registering on a Monday or Tuesday as these are our reception’s busiest days.

Registration timeline

When you register with the Practice, you will have the opportunity to opt-in to online services.  This can have an effect on how long your registration will take to fully complete.  Below is a flow chart designed to guide you through registration process.

Urgent care

Urgent care

Should you or your children require urgent treatment, we can look after you on a temporary basis until your registration is complete.