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Clinics and Services

Smoking cessation clinics

Weekly Smoking Cessation Clinics
QUIT51, the Surrey Stop Smoking Service, will be running weekly clinics at the Crouch Oak Family Practice starting in July 2017.  Clinics will be held each Tuesday afternoon.  You do not need to be referred by a GP - just telephone the practice and ask the reception team to book you in. The first appointment lasts for 30 minutes; follow-up appointments are 15 minutes long. 

For more information check the QUIT51 website

Repeat Prescriptions

Repeat Prescriptions

If you need regular medication you may be able to obtain further prescriptions without having to make an appointment on each occasion. This must be agreed in advance with your doctor, who will give you a repeat prescription form. When you have had as many repeats of a drug as the doctor is happy for you to have, the repeat prescription form will say that you will need to see your doctor before a further repeat is issued. Please respect this and ensure that you make an appointment in good time, well before your repeat prescription will run out.

Please use your computer strip to re-order your medication, and try to hand in only one request a month for all the items you will need. Remember to order in good time, especially near weekends and holidays.

Please allow 72 hours for repeat prescriptions to be processed. Please note, especially when ordering online, that  prescription requests are only processed during surgery opening hours - not when the surgery is closed. To avoid potentially dangerous errors, we cannot accept requests by telephone.

If you need to order your medication earlier than usual please include a written note telling us the reason for the early request.

Newly registering patients who need to continue on regular medication prescribed by a doctor at their previous practice must make a routine appointment with one of our GPs for a medication review. We cannot issue prescriptions on a repeat basis until this has been done.

Newly registering patients who need a prescription for the contraceptive pill should make an appointment to see the practice nurse.

Ordering repeat medication online

We are gradually moving patients over to a new online service for ordering repeat medication.   

If you have been given a letter to register for ordering repeat medication online, click HERE to log in to Patient Access

To find out more about registering for booking appointments online, click HERE


Repeat Prescriptions Of Contraceptive Pills

Repeat Prescriptions Of Contraceptive Pills

Under certain conditions we may be able to issue repeat prescriptions of the contraceptive pill without the need to see a doctor or nurse.

You may apply for a repeat prescription of the same contraceptive pill if

  • you are aged between 18 and 35
  • you are currently taking certain contraceptive pills that have been prescribed by a GP at our practice. The list of pills is available on the application form.
  • you have had your blood pressure and weight measured in the last year, either in the practice or by a health professional, and these are within safe limits.
  • you have had a cervical smear test within the last three years.
  • you are happy with your current pill and have no problems or side effects

Your repeat prescription will usually be ready for collection within two working days. If you wish to have your prescription posted to you, you can enclose a stamped addressed envelope and we will post it to you.

Newly registering patients must first see a nurse for a pill check before they can use this system for obtaining repeat contraceptive pills

Application forms are available from the practice. Please ask at reception.

Alternatively, click here to download (pdf).

Test Results

Test Results

When your test results arrive at the practice, they will be reviewed by the doctor. If your doctor asked you to arrange an appointment to review the results, then please do so. Otherwise, no further action is needed on your part. If the doctor considers that the results require a change in your treatment or further investigation, we will contact you.

We would therefore ask you not to contact reception for results. If, however, you are particularly concerned about a result, you can leave a message for your doctor to telephone you.

Certificates, Reports And Medicals

Certificates, Reports And Medicals

Sickness certificates

Your employer or college will have self certificates that cover you for the first six days (plus Sunday) of sickness. If after this time you are still ill you will need to see the doctor for a further certificate. Your employer is not entitled to a doctor’s certificate for the first six days. However if they insist on one, we can provide a private certificate, for which there is a charge. (We suggest you ask your employer to repay you for this).

If you are self-employed or unemployed we can supply the necessary certificate (SC1) at Reception.

Life assurance reports

We will send you an independent patient consent form.  On receipt of your completed consent form we will forward a computer print-out of your medical record to the company requesting the report.  Life assurance reports are completed as quickly as possible. Please contact reception concerning these reports  only if it is absolutely necessary.


Our reception team has up-to-date information on current charges for medicals.  Please call in or phone between 12 and 3pm.

Private fees

Private fees

To download a list of our private fees, please click here (pdf).

Patient Access Online Portal

Patient Access

What is Patient Access?

Patient Access is a service provided by EMIS (our clinical system) that allows you to access your practice online. Patient Access allows you to:

  • Book and cancel appointments.
  • Order repeat medication.

How do I register?

You can register for Patient Access by firstly visiting your practice in person and requesting a registration letter which will enable you to set up a full account. This needs to be requested when you visit the practice and will require identification. Once you have the letter you can then enter the details from the letter into the registration form. This is found by visiting the following link:

How do I book appointments?

There is a link called Book an appointment in the Appointments section of the home page after you have signed into Patient Access. To view a video on this please click here.

How do I order a repeat prescription?

There is a link called Request a repeat prescription in the Repeat Prescriptions section of the home page after you have signed into Patient Access.

Patient Access - FAQ / General Help

Prediabetes education


If you have recieved an invitation letter to a prediabetes education session, you can watch a video version of the session by clicking here.

Microsuction clinics

Microsuction Clinics

The Practice offers Microsuction Clinics once a month for the removal of ear wax.

The procedure is available to patients aged 16 and over.  Patients do need to be able to remain in a still position for the procedure.

Please book an initial consultation with a nurse.  The nurse will check your suitability for the procedure, provide guidance on preparing for your ears and book you into our next Microsuction clinic.

Patients who have been told by the Audiology Department that they have ear wax do not need to book an initial consultation.  They do need to prepare their ears with olive oil for two weeks prior their appointment in line with our leaflet on Treatment of earwax.


Travel Clincs

Travel Clincs

We run regular travel advice and vaccination clinics for patients who are planning to travel abroad.

We are also a yellow fever vaccination centre, and we will see both our own patients and those who are not registered with us.

All patients need to complete a travel form, and  bring or send the completed form to us BEFORE their first appointment.

To download a travel form, please click here (pdf).  Travel forms are also available from Reception.

How many appointments will I need ? 
The first appointment for a particular trip will last 20 minutes.  You may need subsequent appointments, depending on your itinerary and vaccination requirements for the trip.

When are travel appointments available? 
Please contact reception to find out when appointments are available.  Most appointments can be booked at a time to suit you, including first thing in the morning and late afternoon / evening.

How far ahead of any trip should I make the first appointment? 
As soon as possible - ideally when you book your annual leave time off from work.  We can do appointments close to the departure date, but under these circumstances there may not be time enough for any vaccinations to take effect 

How long will each appointment last?   
The first appointment for any one trip will last 20 minutes.  Each subsequent appointment should only take 10 minutes. If you have a particularly complicated itinerary, you should book a first appointment for 30 minutes

Will I have to pay for any of the vaccinations?  
Most vaccines are available to registered NHS patients without charge, but some specialist vaccines will incur a charge.  Full details are available on our pricing schedule - click HERE to see it

What payment forms are accepted? 
Cash, cheque or debit card only 

I am not registered with the practice.  Are there any special instructions for me? 
You will need a 30-minute initial appointment and you will be registered as a private patient.  You will need to arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment so that we can register you.  We will make a charge for the initial consultation (see our pricing schedule).  If you wish to have other vaccines, we can provide them but you will be charged for each vaccine given. 

Where can I find out more about what vaccinations I might need?  gives lots of useful information about travel and vaccinations

Travel Questionnaire

Travel Questionnaire

Advice and vaccinations are given by the Practice Nurses. Please do not ask any of the Receptionists for advice regarding travel vaccines, as they are not medically trained. If you have any queries, you must make an appointment with the Practice Nurse. You will be asked to complete a travel questionnaire prior to the appointment, so that the Practice Nurse can check what vaccines you may require.

We recommend that you have your travel vaccinations administered at least 4 – 6 weeks before your departure date.

Read the latest health advice for the country you're travelling to on the Fit for Travel website, and check the travel safety updates with the Foreign & Commonwealth Office.

You may need travel vaccines or, if diseases such as malaria are a risk, you may need to start protecting yourself well in advance.

Prepare a kit of travel health essentials, including sunscreen, painkillers, antiseptic, insect repellent and anti-diarrhoea pills. These will be useful wherever you're going.

Sexual health experts advise taking condoms with you to avoid the risk of buying fake brands, which may be unsafe, when you get there.

Alternative travel health services

Alternative travel health services

London Travel Clinic offer a range of travel related services.  Click here to open their website.

Church Pharmacy in Weybridge run a travel clinic.  Click here to open their website.

Non-emergency patient transport service

Voluntary transport

Voluntary Transport

Addlestone and Ottershaw Good Neighbours provide a voluntary service helping patients with practical matters, including getting to the surgery.  Click here to see their leaflet (pdf).