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Who should I see?

Who should I see?

Underlined items in the table below are links to useful sources of information.

Self care

Coughs and colds
Minor cuts and grazes


Minor illnesses and self care advice

NHS 111

In in doubt, call for fast advice and support or visit


Persistent or deteriorating illness symptoms

Walk-in Centre

Abdominal pains - stomach complaints such as indigestion, constipation, vomiting and diarrhoea
Allergies including hay fever
Chest infections
Conjunctivitis and eye problems
Coughs, colds and flu-like symptoms
Cuts requiring stitches/glue, wound care and dressings
Ear and throat infections
Head injuries with no loss of consciousness
Minor illnesses (including urinary tract infections)
Minor road traffic injuries
Minor scalds and burns
Muscle and joint injuries - strains and sprains
Sexual health advice (including Chlamydia screening and emergency contraception)
Skin complaints – infections, rashes, sunburn, bites and stings and
Suspected fractures

A&E or 999

Serious or life threatening emergency illness or injury

If you feel you need to see a doctor urgently, please do NOT come to the Surgery in person.  We are unable to deal with patients who arrive without a booked appointment.  All urgent appointments will be triaged by telephone in the first instance.

How to book an appointment

Booking an appointment online

You can book routine GP appointments, blood tests and blood pressure appointments online.  All other appointments will need to be booked by telephone. Please scroll down to the Booking Appointments Online tab for futher information.

Booking an appointment by telephone

Please note that same day appointments must be booked by telephone.

Please note that all telephone calls are recorded for training and monitoring purposes.

Telephone consulations

Telephone the surgery if you wish to book a telephone consultation with a GP or member of the Nursing Team.

We try to balance the demand we have for patients who need to be seen on the day (such as emergencies and home visits), against offering appointments which can be booked in advance. We do this in order to provide as many appointments with each doctor as possible.  Routine appointments can be booked up to 4 weeks in advance.  If you feel you need to see a doctor urgently, please ring the surgery as soon as possible after 8am. You may initially be given a telephone appointment with a doctor, who willl then ring you back to discuss your problem and determine whether you need to come to the surgery to be seen that day.  You should be prepared for the doctor to ring you at any time. For minor conditions you may be asked to see a nurse rather than a GP.As a practice we take pride in offering the best possible service to our all patients. We are constantly reviewing how we can do this and you may find that from time to time we change the way appointments can be booked.


Nursing appointments

Nursing appointments can be booked up to 3 months ahead. They can be booked in person or by telephone.

  • Family Planning

  • Cervical Smears

  • Blood Tests

  • Dressings

  • Blood pressure checks

  • Travel and other immunisations

Why can these appointments not be booked online?
The length of nursing appointments is dependent upon the procedure and the particular needs of the patient.  For some nursing appointments, there is a charge which needs to be paid when booking.  Please book these appointments with our Reception team.

Missed appointments

Missed appointments

We understand that on occasions there may be genuine reasons why patients are unable to attend an appointment.
As a practice, we have approximately 200 unattended appointments per month and we aim to deal with non-attendance and lateness proactively so that our services are not strained. If you miss your appointment, you may receive an SMS text message or letter from us.  We normally send three notifications for missed or late appointments before further action is considered.
Wasted appointments may mean another patient who wants to see their GP or another clinician is unable to due to limited availability. If you know you are unable to attend to your appointment, please let us know. Your appointment can then be given to another patient and a new one can be offered to you if needed. For more information on how you can cancel an appointment, please see 'How to cancel an appointment' below.
If you have any queries regarding this matter please do not hesitate to contact the surgery.
Thank you for your co-operation.

How to canel an appointment

How to cancel an appointment

If you are unable to make your appointment, please let us know so that we can offer it to other patients.  There are a number of ways to cancel an appointment:
  • Using your Online Services account – even if you did not book your appointment online
  • By replying CANCEL to your appointment reminder SMS.Please be aware that any other wording will not be recognised by the automated appointment management system.
  • By telephone on 01932 840123
  • In person at Reception

Booking Appointments Online

What can I book online?
Routine GP appointments, blood tests and blood pressure appointment can be booked online.

What can I not book online?
Appointments for private medicals and insurance medicals may not be booked online. These should be booked in person at the practice so that payment can be made.

Completion of an insurance claim form does not require an appointment, so please do not book one. Instead please bring your claim form to the practice in person and ask one of the reception team to deal with it.

How do I sign up?
To sign up for this service, please come in person to the practice,  bringing with you one form of photo-ID.  We can sign you up on the spot.

How do I book online services including appointments?
You can book and cancel appointments through Patient Access.


Online booking - Frequently Asked Questions

How far ahead can I book?
GP appointments - up to 4 weeks ahead; all other appointments  up to 3 months ahead

My doctor has told me to have a blood test. How to I book it?
Look for "Blood test" in the list of clinicians. 

Can I book a telephone consultation using online appointments? 
Yes.  Please make it clear in the "Reason for the Appointment" box that you wish to have a telephone consultation rather than face to face, and make sure that you include your telephone number.  

I need to cancel an appointment which was made at the surgery. Can I do this online?
Yes! Just click on "Cancel this" next to the relevant appointment. Please be aware that if you book an appointment online  and subsequently fail to attend, your ability to book further appointments online may be compromised.




A chaperone will be offered to all patients (male or female) undergoing an intimate examination, irrespective of the gender of the doctor or nurse.  Patients booking an appointment for an intimate examination may bring their own chaperone along (for example, a family member or friend)

Attendance statistics for last quarter

Last quarter (October - December 2019)

Patient attendances : 19,550
Appointments not attended: 763